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Posted February 2, 2017:8 years ago...

8 years ago, Dr. Kirkland had a patient whom needed some restorations. Once the restorations were completed, the patient moved away. There has been no contact with the patient since the move. Last week Dr. Kirkland received this email:

Dear Dr. Kirkland,

I thought you'd want to know that all the dentists and hygienists I've seen have remarked on what amazing work you did in my mouth, both the crowns and the gold inlays. I truly wish I could have kept you as my dentist forever. Unfortunately, since seeing you, I've lived in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, and now, Minnesota, so I couldn't keep seeing you.

But I wanted to thank you again and let you know how impressed dentists are across the country!



Posted November 6, 2016:No Insurance? We now offer an in-office dental plan!

If you don’t currently have dental insurance – or – if your employer is considering dropping your dental coverage, then we have great news!

We now have an easy solution just for you.

Our new Kirkland Dentistry membership plans provide all the rewards of dental insurance without the headaches. Every family member can join too.

For a small monthly membership fee, you’ll receive complimentary:

Bi-annual dental cleanings

Doctor exams

All scheduled x-rays

Emergency exam and x-ray

PLUS a special Loyalty Discount on any needed treatment, including cosmetic services!

Even better, because our membership plans are not insurance, there are:

No deductibles

No yearly maximum benefits

No exclusions for cosmetic or elective care

It’s NOT insurance... It’s better than insurance.

Posted October 25, 2016:What to expect at your first visit with us...

When you schedule a new patient exam with us here at Kirkland Dentistry, we want to give you the most comprehensive experience possible.

We call your dental insurance company and a complete report is made containing your coverage of services.

Once you are in the office,any needed x-rays will be taken. A full mouth series of x-rays is needed if you do not have one on file with any other office in the previous five years.

Dr. Kirkland will evaluate your gums for gum disease and infection. He will also use a camera that looks similar to a pen to take up close pictures of your teeth.

This information will be combined with the examination of the interior of your mouth to detect:

-decay (cavities)

-gum disease

-oral lesions

-oral cancer


-teeth crowding/open spaces

-tooth wear from grinding/clenching

-jaw joint pain/abnormalities

Dr. Kirkland will show you the pictures and x-rays then discuss issues found, treatment options, the results from the gum disease evaluation, and answer any of your questions or concerns. This discussion takes time and a cleaning does not occur at the first examination appointment. This will be scheduled for another day. There are exceptions so, if you really would like to have the cleaning and exam on the same day please let us know when you call.

We will use the information from your insurance company to give you an estimate for the most immediate treatment needed.

We strive to help each patient obtain their desired level of oral health. Appointments for treatment are available within one week of the first examination and within two weeks for a cleaning.

Dr. Kirkland's thorough explanation of any areas of concern will keep you feeling assured you have chosen the right dental office and we that are here to take good care of you.

Posted August 29, 2016:Age-Defying Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Recently, US News and World Report wrote an article describing ways a person could look younger. Teeth were among things like coloring hair, and using anti-wrinkle skin creams.

As we age, teeth darken and become less uniform in shade. Also, out dated fillings or crown materials can make a smile appear more aged. Crowns, veneers, implants, and composite fillings with updated more aesthetic materials can bring back the youthfulness to a smile. People have claimed that cosmetic dentistry has actually changed their lives and how others interact with them.

Check out some of our before and after photos to see some of the changes Dr. Kirkland has brought to patient's smiles.

Posted July 2, 2016:Dental Insurance Q&A

How does dental insurance work?

Dental benefits are not like medical in which a certain payment (co-payment) is made by the patient at every visit. Instead, dental insurance pays a percentage of the usual and customary fees that they determine.

Dental insurances pay a higher percentage for services considered preventive (ex. cleaning, exams, some x-rays) and a lower percentage on services considered restorative, (ex. fillings, crowns or implants). Most dental insurance requires the patient to pay a percentage of any restorative service.

Here are a few of the most common questions we hear at Kirkland Dentistry:

Are you a PPO provider for any insurances?: Yes! Delta Dentals, Cigna PPO, Principal, Regence Blue Cross, Lifemap, Metlife PDP-plus, Lincoln Financial, United Concordia, Nippon Life, and The Standard. PPO providers have agreed with your dental insurance on a set amount that can be charged for each procedure and patient is not subject to balance billing, just their percentage owed.

What is the difference between Delta Dental Premier, PPO, and DMO?: A person with Delta Dental Premier can see any dentist they would like and the insurance pays at the 'Premier' fee schedule.

A person with a Delta Dental PPO is more limited because they are welcome to see dentists considered 'out of network' but they are penalized by paying a higher percentage out of pocket.

For ex: Premier pays 100% of a cleaning and a PPO may only pay 90% of the same cleaning.

A Delta DMO insurance plan requires the patient to see a Delta Dental provider only. This plan pays at a PPO fee, so anything over that is absorbed by the patient if a Premier provider is seen.

What other insurance do you NOT take?: We accept most all insurances, but there are a few we do not accept due to the benefits are facility specific. Exceptions include: Any HMO plan that is not Delta, Willamette Dental, OHP, and some Kaiser Dental Plans.

What if I have two Dental Insurances?: A misconception with having two dental insurances is that there will be no cost to the patient. Dental insurances coordinate benefits differently between each group. Many times a pre-determination of benefits must be sent to both companies to determine how the two will work together.

What is a deductible?: A deductible is a set amount the insurance company has determined will be paid by the patient one time every benefit period before benefits will be considered. Deductibles are commonly between $25 and $100 per person.

Is there a maximum on my dental benefits?: Commonly, there is an annual maximum for dental benefits. This maximum usually ranges from $1000-$2000 per person per benefit year.

What are some dental insurance limitations?: Limitations can include, time span between appointments with the same services, materials used, procedures considered cosmetic, and even restorative treatment.

Please remember dental insurance helps with fees associated with dentistry. However, your dentist knows what is best for your mouth and dental insurance should not determine treatment. In the seven years I have worked with dental insurances I have learned that the plans, groups, and even company policies are constantly changing. Knowing what questions to ask have helped keep patient quotes more accurate. Each time an insurance payment is made on a claim, the information is stored in the computer software at Kirkland Dentistry to better assist in the next estimate.

Katie Lish

Office Manager at Kirkland Dentistry

Posted February 9, 2016:New Toothpaste that Turns Plaque Green?

The Wall Street Journal (2/8, Johannes, Subscription Publication) reviews a new toothpaste that binds to plaque and shows it as green, aiming to improve oral hygiene by showing people areas they missed while brushing. The article states that researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago conducted a short-term study of Plaque HD, finding plaque was reduced by 51.3% after people brushed with the toothpaste for up to 10 days. American Dental Association spokeswoman Dr. Hayes adds that areas between the teeth and at the gumline are common areas patients miss.

Excerpt taken from ADA Morning Huddle February 9, 2016

Posted February 1, 2016:February is National Children's Oral Health Month

It starts with an exciting milestone, that first little pearly white popping through your baby's gums! Then at your next dental visit you ask "When should my baby first be seen?" In accordance with the ADA (American Dental Association) we recommend that children be seen on or before their first birthday.

You may ask "Why schedule so early?" On your child's first visit we can show you different techniques to clean your baby's teeth, discuss new dental care products, and talk about eating and oral habits. If your child is a toddler, the dentist will examine your child's teeth and depending on their comfort level, we can gently clean them. Our goal is to establish a relationship with your child, so that as their needs change with their development, we are able to comfortably provide their treatment. When you child is ready, we will clean their teeth and take dental x-rays.

Regular cleanings and exams are an important part of your child's overall health. Tooth decay can start as early as when their first baby teeth come in. Often parents think that treating dental decent is not important since baby teeth will be lost anyway. However, if left untreated tooth decay becomes very painful and will lead to infection. Also, if a child is in pain, they may have a hard time eating, sleeping and learning.

There are two important ways we can help prevent cavities in your child's teeth. The first is fluoride treatments. We "paint" a small amount of fluoride varnish onto your child's teeth, after their cleaning. No more trays with foam or gel that cause gagging. The second treatment is dental sealants. Once your child's adult molars come in at age 6, we place a protective coating in the grooves of the teeth. This is a quick and easy procedure, does not require any numbing, and can provides protection of their teeth into adulthood.

Lastly, when you bring your child to their regular dental check-ups, this connects your child to a "dental home." This helps us get to know your child's and family's needs so we can provide the best individualized care. We look forward to meeting your little one and beginning your child's lifelong journey of good dental health!!

Posted September 4, 2015:We are now a PPO provider with Principal Financial Group!

We are a now PPO Provider with the Aetna dental network. If you would like to learn more about the benefits this presents to you as an Aetna member call (503) 533-8383.

We are also a PPO provider for Delta Dental, Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Principal, Standard, Guardian, Metlife PDP-Plus, and Cigna!

Posted April 24, 2015:Dr. Kirkland and Medical Teams Internat'l in Guatemala!

Dr. Kirkland and his family spent Spring Break in Guatemala with Medical Teams International building latrines for a Mayan town. He took a break from digging to teach mothers and children proper brushing techniques while handing out toothbrushes to attendees! The town was so pleased with this Medical Teams International group, they had a party in their honor! Complete with music, dancing, and playing lots of soccer.

Posted October 14, 2014:Beaverton Compassion Clinic 10-11-14

Dr. Kirkland, Kayla and Katie attended the Beaverton Compassion Clinic this last Saturday. The clinic offers free medical, dental, and vision services to those in need. The patients were great and Dr. Kirkland was the only dentist that had more then one staff member join him at the clinic.

Posted May 14, 2014:More smiling patient's comments...

"My experience was excellent from start to finish. The office staff was wonderful as well as his assistant. The doctor is very thorough and explains in detail what needs to be done. I very much appreciated his time and kind manner!" Jackie V.

"As always, Dr. Kirkland's practice exceeds my expectations. He and his staff are extremely professional and operate with ultimate care and efficiency. So much better than experiences with previous dentists." Michael S.

"Dr. Kirkland and staff are very friendly and Dr. Kirkland is very knowledgeable-he helped to determine the root cause of dental concern on the very first visit! I have traveled and have seen a number of different dentists, and I am by far most please with the care and professionalism at Kirkland Dentistry. I highly reccomend them." Ashley

This is one of the best clinics I have ever received treatment. They are, of course, professional, but what makes them stand out is their customer service and how they work with you to get what needs to be done." Jon P.


“My whole family loves Dr. Kirkland. He is the best dentist we have had.” Geoffe Z.

“Dr. Bill Kirkland is very knowledgeable and patient-oriented. He is a great dentist!” Yvonne L.

"Much effort has been expended in selecting quality, friendly staff and it shows. Dr. Kirkland has the very best staff I've ever seen in any dentist or medical office, and I like it, and OH yes, Dr. Kirkland is the best in dentistry." Ray L.

"GREAT all around. Love the friendliness of everyone on the staff the most." Charles K.

"Excellent experience every time." Chuck M.

"The staff is great. They are friendly and welcoming. I have never been preached to and my comfort has always been their top concern" anonymous

“Really appreciate the fact that I was able to reschedule easily my appointments a few times due to my hectic working schedule. Very proactive staff, nice Dentist and very welcoming office. Thank you guys! Yulia M.

"Great dentistry. The best I've ever had." Brian C.

"I will not go to any one else for my dental needs." John C.

"Dr. Kirkland is a great dentist. He explains everything he is going to do before he does it. Pays attention and notices if you are not numb enough. Does outstanding work. And is extremely caring and gentle. The assistant/technician was also amazing. She was so good at suction and rinsing - does not seem like a big deal but when you have someone that is not that good - it can be a very unpleasant experience. The receptionist is always very friendly and knowledgeable about insurance and billing." Leah L.

“I love Dr. Kirkland. He is the best dentist I've ever had.” John M

Posted October 17, 2013:We Are Now a Delta Dental PPO Provider!

As of October 17, 2013, Kirkland Dentistry is now a Preferred (PPO) provider for Delta Dental networks. Now patients with a Delta PPO plan can have exceptional dentistry at the discounted PPO rate! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Posted October 9, 2013:New Angie's List Review!

'For a person who HATES the dentist (me), Dr. Kirkland and his staff make my visits very tolerable and actually quite enjoyable. I've been a patient for about 3 years. Out of the 4 dentists I've had in my lifetime, Dr. Kirkland is by far the best. He is meticulous, friendly, pays attention to detail, extremely competent, reasonable and honest. He never makes me feel like a stranger. It appears that he has the same expectations of his staff. The office is always clean and comfortable. They don't keep me waiting-they see me timely. Office equipment is pretty state of the art. Some offices will make you call your insurance companies for quotes, but Dr. Kirkland's staff will do all that for you. I will be a loyal patient for as long as I have teeth!'

Alena K.

Posted September 1, 2013:Kirkland Dentistry has launched a new website for their patients!

Dr. Bill Kirkland has launched a new website for his patients. Featuring safe, secure online patient health history collection and appointment request forms in order to make it even easier for you to see the dentist!

Dr. Kirkland also offers current office news, up-to-date treatment information and answers to many frequently asked questions.

So, take a moment to look around and when you are done, use our convenient contact form to let us know what you think!

Posted October 29, 2012:Dr. Kirkland & Kayla volunteered at Compassion Beaverton free dental clinic

On October 27th we volunteered at the Compassion Beaverton free dental clinic held at Cedar Mill Bible Church. Portable dental chairs and equipment were set up in various rooms of the church where we did several large fillings and extractions to help get people out of pain. There is always such a great need for free dental care and we hope to expand to 4-5 clinics per year in Beaverton. We will announce when the next clinic will be held in this office news section.